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IT’S HERE! The FIRST-EVER Marian Consecration Program for the ENTIRE Family!

I am so excited to announce that the FIRST EVER Marian Consecration Program for the Entire Family is now available!  Back in January of this year (2015) I was commissioned to create a COLORING BOOK that would be a companion to the 33 Day Family Consecration book written by Allen Hebert.

There were no doubts in my mind about this project.  I have been contacted by various publishing companies to create coloring books in the past, but this project has been one that is close to my heart.  I can not imagine a better project to work on than one that would help to bring children and families closer to God and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  I know many of my readers will agree there has been no greater need to protect our Values, our Faith and our Souls than the time in history that we now live in.   We can protect ourselves and our children by formally consecrating ourselves to Jesus through Mary.  The Blessed Mother told the children at Fatima, “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”  We can help to bring about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart by making a Total Consecration.

I have to tell you what a wonderful experience it has been to work with Allen Hebert and his wife Denae.  They were so patient in overlooking my artistic temperament!  I must admit that anytime I am commissioned to do an artistic work, my mind quickly fills with perfectionist fears that often become a stumbling block.  Because I have really believed in this holy project, right away I sought the help of the Blessed Mother so that I might work steadily and fearlessly.   I prayed for Her help.  Then I purchased the book, Totus Tuus: A Contemplative Approach to Total Consecration To Jesus Through MaryI joined with several families in  prayer and meditation for the 33 Days of Preparation to Total Consecration.  While Allen and Denae and a few helpers edited and perfected their family version of the book, entitled, 33 Day Family Consecration: A Guide for Parents To Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary,

I sketched,

Day 32 Sketch of JPII08042015_0000_1

I drew

assumption of mary_1

I cut and taped and arranged

death and the christian

I practiced drawing hair and halos

i practiced drawing hair and halos

I found commercial-use fonts which was a lot of fun

choosing fonts was fun

and nearly used an entire carton of Sharpie markers for finishing.

finishing with sharpie markers_1

The coloring book is finally finished!

(photo from )

I have to give the Blessed Mother all the credit!  She quickly came to my assistance by giving me one idea after another of how to draw each page.  I can’t remember really every being stumped about what to draw or how to draw it.   Although near the end I felt a bit tired, I managed to not lose my mind and I feel so happy to have participated. To find the Totus Tuus book, The 33 Day Family Consecration Book and the Coloring Book, go to Allen and Denae Hebert’s website Your Ho ly Family 33 Day Consecration ProgramYou have two options available for making the total consecration. You can sign up and do the consecration directly through their website or you can purchase the books to do the consecration. They also offer a PREVIEW OF THE FIRST WEEK IN THE COLORING BOOK so that you can have a better idea of what you will be purchasing. You can see the preview here:

You can purchase the coloring book directly HERE.

Or you can click on this link:

The coloring book has been produced as a non-profit product and is sold at cost.

*Note:  Allen and Denae Hebert have a  ministry for family retreats and workshops.

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