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Saint Valentine, Bishop of Terni Coloring Page

Saint Valentine Bishop of Terni 3© 2016 immaculate heart coloring pages01282016_0000

(Click HERE to print the Saint Valentine, Bishop of Terni coloring page.)

(For another Valentine Coloring page with 8 Valentines to color, cut and exchange, click here to see this blog post.)

I think it is interesting that there are many Saint Valentines.  There may be at least two who share the same feast day of February 14.  There is a question as to whether the two are actually two persons.   They could be one person, but historical documents are unclear.  I decided to make a coloring page of the one who is known as Saint Valentine, Bishop of Terni, Narni and Amelia, Italy.  This Saint Valentine lived in the third century during the time of persecution of  Christians in ancient Roman history.  According to legend, Saint Valentine came under house arrest by a Judge named Asterius.  One day, the two were discussing the validity of Jesus when Asterius decided to put Saint Valentine to a test.  He said that if Saint Valentine could cure the blindness of his adopted daughter, his whole household would become Christian.  So, Saint Valentine put his hands on the eyes of the young girl and she gained her eyesight.   True to his word, Asterius, his whole family and his household, about 44 persons, became Christian.  Saint Valentine also instructed Asterius to break all of the idols in the house, make a three day fast and have everyone baptized.   Years later, Saint Valentine was again arrested, this time by Claudius II.  Saint Valentine of Terni, Narni, and Amelia was beheaded on February 14 in the year 268 A.D.


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