My Guardian Angel Coloring Page

coloring page guardian angel kim or rae

My Guardian Angel Correct © 2017 R Miller10032017_0000My Guardian Angel Correct © 2017 R Miller10032017_0000

To print this coloring page click on the link below:

(The above coloring page was colored by my friend Kim.)

Don’t you just love your guardian angel?  Only after we pass on from this life will we fully know the magnitude of help our guardian angels have been to us.  They don’t just protect our bodies, they also constantly encourage us to do what is right and good in the eyes of God.  Rarely do they speak to us so that we can audibly hear their voices.  Mostly, I have learned, they speak through our thoughts and conscience.  They say, “Do this; don’t do that.”   Because we can’t usually see them, it can be easy to forget that they are present at all times.  They watch us do good things and they see when we do evil.  They know all about us and yet they continue to love us and offer guidance.

I had a recent guardian angel experience.  Back in January I was visiting family when I tripped and fell onto the cement driveway. I was carrying a large shop vacuum.  When I fell, the vacuum went rolling down the driveway.  Falling was the oddest experience ever and I only scraped my knee.  I didn’t break any bones which is nothing short of a miracle.  Now you have to understand that I have had osteoporosis and osteoarthritis for more than 30 years.  My x-rays show that my bones look like Swiss cheese.   My bones are so fragile and yet, that day in January as I was falling, it was like I fell gently and in slow motion!  I fell lightly to the ground.  I could not contribute this gentle fall to anyone else but my guardian angel.  I am so thankful!  He saved me from an expensive visit to the hospital.

I often listen to talks by the priests of Opus Sanctorum Angelorum.  This is a religious organization dedicated to teaching about the angels.  I have learned so much from these talks on the Holy Angels.   I had no idea that there was so much to learn!  You can purchase these talks on CD HERE.  Many of my family and friends have been to the Opus Sanctorum Angelorum retreats.  In the next year or two, I hope to attend my first “angel” retreat.

I have had the above coloring page in my mind for a long time.   Sometime last year I made a sketch in my drawing book.  Today I ran across it and decided to just go ahead and make it into a coloring page.  I am sure it was my guardian angel who encouraged me!


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