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HOLY FAMILY Coloring Page

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To print The Holy Family Coloring Page click this link:


The Feast of Saint Joseph, March 19th, is drawing near so I thought I would create a coloring page featuring The Holy Family for his feast day.   Growing up, my family attended Saint Joseph’s Altars (also know as Saint Joseph’s Tables) each March.   If you are not familiar with this feast here is how the feast came about:

A long time ago there was a serious draught in Sicily.  There was no rain and consequently no crops grew.  The Sicilian people became desperate.  They decided to pray to Saint Joseph for rain to nourish and quench their dry fields.  If he answered their prayers they promised to erect an elaborate altar of food which would be donated to the poor.  Well, of course Saint Joseph answered their prayers.  So they created a three tiered altar or table.  The three tiers represented the Holy Trinity.  On the altar they placed expensive wines, the best cheeses and olive oils, fruits, sweet delicacies, breads, fish and cakes.   They prepared the food with great love and appreciation.  There was a procession with children dressed as the Holy Family.  A priest blessed the food and “Jesus” “Mary” and “Joseph” tasted the blessed food.  Those who gathered around ate a “poor man’s meal” while the blessed food was distributed to the poor.

Saint Joseph’s Altars often have foods shaped to represent aspects of our Catholic faith.  One might find “The eyes of Saint Lucy,” a cake that looks like the Holy Bible, a loaf of bread shaped like Jesus on the Cross or  in the shape of a Widow’s Mite.

People sometimes leave petitions on the Saint Joseph’s Altar and promise to have their Saint Joseph’s Altar the following year if their prayers are answered.

It is a fun and spiritually rewarding way to celebrate the Feast of Saint Joseph.

Click the link below to print out the Holy Family Coloring page:


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