Our Lady

The Day the Sun Danced: The Miracle Of the Sun

The Day the Sun Danced 100th anniversary of Fatima Miracle © 2017 R Miller10032017_0000

This year, October 13th marks the 100th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima Portugal.  It’s been on my mind for a long time to make this coloring page, so here it is!  Just click on the link below:


(Scroll down to see more Marian coloring pages.  Also check out the Family 33 Day coloring book which has many more coloring pages.)

Did you know that the Miracle of the Sun also happened at another apparition site and recently?  There is a place in Rome, Italy called the Tre Fontane.    It was here that when Saint Paul was beheaded, his head bounced three times and each time it hit the ground a spring of water or a fountain of water came out of the ground.  There is a church in Rome with three altars and each alter is set over one of these fountains.   The fountains flowed with water for almost 2000 years.  I have heard that they recently and suddenly dried up.  That sounds rather ominous.   However, even though the water may be gone, the ground is said to be miraculous and many people have been healed because of it.

The Tre Fontane or the Three Fountains is also famous because it is another site of the Miracle of the Sun.    Our Lady, under the title of Our Lady of Revelation appeared to a man named Bruno who was persecuting the church and who had made plans to kill the Holy Father.   But as he was writing a speech against the Catholic Church, Our Lady appeared to him.  He was converted and over the rest of his life he received visions and messages from the Blessed Mother.   These messages were very much like those of Our Lady of Fatima and in the 1980s, on the thirty-third anniversary of appearance of Our Lady of Revelation, the Sun danced in the sky and gave a wondrous display just like at Fatima, Portugal.




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