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Vellum Valentines (Stained Glass)


Vellum Stained Glass Valentines tutorial

Here is a fun project that you can do with any coloring page.  You can make your Valentine’s or coloring art look like stained glass.   For this project I am using my free, downloadable Valentine Coloring Page.  You can find it by clicking HERE.   and white vellum paper that I purchased from Staples, but you can find vellum paper in craft stores, office stores and online.  Mine is for laser printers but I actually used an inkjet printer.

What you will need for this project:

Vellum paper (translucent paper to print on); white cardstock paper; a hole punch; scissors;  ribbon, yarn, or string; a variety of colored pencils, any kind of marker including permanent and washable for coloring the Valentines and stickers or washi tape to decorate the back.

Let’s Get Started

First print the Valentine Coloring Page  on vellum paper.  For printing, follow the instructions on the package of vellum paper.  With my printer, all I had to do was add a piece of vellum paper to the paper tray.  In the photo below you can see that the vellum is “see-through.”  That’s what makes it so magical and fun!

Print Valentines on White Vellum Paper

Next, color your Valentines.  If you color them on the wrong side of the vellum paper, the black lines will stay crisp and clean on the front.  That’s how I colored the Immaculate Heart of Mary Valentine.   For this one I used BIC and Sharpie permanent colored markers.  Bic Markers on Vellum Valentines_1When I colored the Jesus Loves You Valentine, I colored the front with metallic colored pencils  and I used markers on the back.  I embellished Jesus’ gown with a purple glitter gel pen. Jesus loves you valentine colored with metallic colored pencils and markersFor Saint Valentine,  I used markers and colored pencils.  I colored him on the front.  St Valentine Stained Glass Valentine_1

I embellished with gel pens,

gel pen for coloring valentines_1

Cut out your Valentine

cut out vellum valentine

and then cut a piece of white card stock the same size.  Then hold them together and punch a hole with a hole punch in one corner.

Cut a piece of white cardstock the same size as the Valentine and then punch a hole in the same corner as both

String a piece of ribbon, yarn or string through the hole and gently make a knot to hold them in place.   I cut a thin strip of t-shirt fabric to thread through the holes in my Valentines because I happened to have an old t-shirt in the right colors. Vellum Stained Glass Valentines tutorial

You can decorate the back with Washi tape, stickers or coloring.  Write a Valentine message and you have created a unique, stained glass vellum Valentine.

vellum valentine backs

Held up to the light the Valentines look like this:

stained glass valentines on vellum paper




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