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Thank you for visiting my blog, Immaculate Heart Coloring Pages.    I am a coloring page/coloring book artist.  I have been making Catholic, Christian coloring pages for many years.  I enjoy drawing my coloring pages in a variety of styles that will appeal to different people.  Recently, in January 2015 I was commissioned by Allen and Denae Hebert to create a companion coloring book for their book, 33 Day Family Consecration: A Guide For Parents to Total Consecration To Jesus Through Mary.  This book is a family/children’s version of a book edited by Father Cromly entitled, Totus Tuus: A Contemplative Approach to Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary The 33 Day Family Consecration book is a wonderful tool to help us keep our families holy and on the right path.  There is such a need for each of us and even our children to consecrate ourselves to Jesus through Mary as a way of totally submitting our lives and souls to Jesus and to put ourselves in the care and protection of the Mother of God.   The coloring book which I made, has a coloring page for each of the 33 days of meditations found in Allen and Denae Hebert’s book.  The coloring book has been published!  It can be found Allen and Denae’s family ministry   website, http://www.yourholyfamily.com  .  It was such a pleasure to work with Allen and Denae.  I feel very blessed to have been a part of this holy project.

You can purchase this coloring book HERE.

Wish to contact me?  Send me an email at:

immaculateheartcoloringpages (at)yahoo(dot)com

The coloring book has been produced without profit  and is sold at cost.  Our hope is that it will be used to assist families and children in consecrating themselves to Jesus through Mary.

I only have a few coloring pages here on my blog now, but over time I will be adding more.  As time permits I hope to offer creative ideas on the many ways to use coloring book art.


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