Color Book

33 Day Family Consecration Coloring Book_1

Like my coloring pages?  You can purchase a not-for-profit coloring book with more coloring pages in the easy-to-color style HERE.

The coloring pages will appeal to children ages two and older.   This coloring book is actually a companion to Allen Hebert’s book, 33 Day Marian Family Consecration: A Guide for Parents to Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary.   Each page offers a coloring experience that coincides with each day of the consecration.   The coloring page themes in the coloring book include:  Saint Anne and Saint Joachim, The Prodigal Son, The Mercy of God, The Fall of Adam and Eve,  Saint Patrick, The Nativity, The Prodigal Son,  At the Foot of the Cross,  Saint Longinus, Abraham, Sarah and Isaac, various titles of Our Lady including Our Lady of Guadalupe,  Saint John Paul II, Mother Teresa and many more.COLOR BOOK FOR BLOG 2

To purchase the coloring book click HERE.

To find out more about Allen and Denae Hebert’s Family ministry, go to their website:

finishing with sharpie markers_1

assumption of mary_1

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