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St. Patrick’s Day: A Celtic Cross to Color

celtic cross coloring page for blog © 2018 r miller Immaculate Heart Coloring Pages Blog02192018_0000

Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner.  March 17th will be here soon and I thought it would be nice to try my hand at Celtic knots and crosses.  Drawing Knots is not the easiest thing to figure out how to do, but it was certainly a fun challenge.  For my Celtic Cross coloring sheet, I first practiced by creating a simple knotted shamrock that I would use when I designed my cross.  I then had to make sure the knot worked.  I wanted the shamrock knot to be a continuous line.  I used arrows to help myself.  This looks a lot like a freeway interchange in a big city!

St Patricks day simple shamrock knot02172018_0000_1

Typically it takes me from six to ten hours to make a coloring page, but this Celtic cross took three days to create.  I set my own time record in designing it.  I hope you enjoy it.   Here is what mine looks like colored with markers on vellum paper:  (Oh, yes, after Valentine’s Day I now have a whole pack of vellum paper just wanting to be put to good use!)

celtic cross coloring page © 2018 r miller Immaculate Heart Coloring Pages Blog02192018_0000_1I used three different shades of green.

To print the Celtic Cross Coloring page, click HERE.

You can also find a very nice Saint Patrick Coloring page in the coloring book that I helped put together along with Allen Hebert.  The coloring book is a companion for Allen’s 33 Day Family Consecration Book. (Please visit www.yourholyfamily.org to find out more about The 33 Day Family Consecration).  You can purchase both or either book HERE.  This is a peek at  the Saint Patrick coloring page in the coloring book:

Saint Patrick coloring page from 33 Day Family Consecration Coloring Book © 2015 R Miller_1_1


Scroll down below to find more coloring pages and projects.

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